Truth Be Told

by Arcz

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This is one of 6-7 tracks I am making for my new EP. No release date as of yet.


Some say I wasn't ever destined to do this,
I ask them all the time where the hell the proof is,
when rappers claim they're making change but barely put their two cents,
you won't amount to jack, I don't care what jill says.
You havn't got a brain, you're just following the blue print
you better have a reason, I don't like to hear excuses.
your stuck in the same spot like 'nah Arcz I couldn't'

They sound so generic; rapping all the same now,
I'm trying to make a fine tune, any arse hole can make sounds,
if you ask me, that's exactly what this genre lacks,
rappers drunk on their ego, they better off to call a cab,
like a rickety railway, they've never had solid tracks,
claiming they're a legend but I've never seen them on a map,
Ipod full of shit, every single song they have.
What is rap...
can it be this: freestyle that, emcee this, get signed MTV hit?

Life is great now, everything is.
I'm a superstar now, and yes I am rich,
I have a porshe and two jeeps
which I cruise around in and pick up every chick.
I just report to my label and they tell me to spit,
I don't even write no more they give me a list,
and I don't ask questions or they'd give me the flick.

The truth is I get used like a dummy,
I'm a musical puppet to trap the youth in a bubble,
every time they play me they are losing more knowledge,
it doesn't matter though, when they do it's more money.
I admit I'm apart of this illuminati gig,
it's not who your thinking most likely in charge of it,
it's not us, it's not the government..
you'll be suprised who's under the cover...
it's you, your the one who's funding it,
your the one who listens, your the one running us.
You tell me, will it ever stop or not?
I hope not, coz I'd be off a job,
so forget what I said man keep listening like zombies,
I'm famous for nothing man these idiots they love me.

My shit is so mundane but it doesn't even bother me,
just make another pop song it's like I hit the lottery,
just make another party track this shit is just a comedy.
I don't even play the flute these rats are still following.

You rappers can't rap, so therefore it's not a gift,
you dropped some bread crumbs and some fools came and ate them up,
I don't really care about your play time on the radio,
when they're in the clubs, your the stuff they're playing bro,
I bet it's eating at you, all the shit you haven't told,
I know you really want to but they never make your songs at all.

Sex party cash cars all seem to be working well,
they don't wanna know how intellectual you really are,
they don't wanna know how individual you really are,
you just got to know how many records you need to sell,
contract, signature, pen it down..

I'm a signed rapper now, it really feels amazing,
all those years of hustling, they really just have paid off,
I thought I'd never make it, It friggin took like ages,
what I was on before man I dont know what I was saying
some illuminati brain washing, non of that is true,
I just have to make a song called 'Wonderman For You'
and it was their idea to have it autotuned.
I really didn't mind that, infact I said I like that
and they told me I could write that,
just no intellectual stuff didn't they say.
what was it? sex? money? cars?

Yeah, do somthing like that man and it'll be great,
remember no risky business or you get kicked from the label,
I know you want the fame Arcz, you will be a great star,
just do what we say to, and don't rap about stuff your not even paid for.


released August 22, 2012
Prod. Allrounda



all rights reserved


Arcz QLD, Australia

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