3 Lives

by Arcz

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This track will be featured on my up coming EP titled 'Arcz'


A young girl had a passion, musically dam
she could sing; a voice few would of had.
No mother, abused by her dad
to the point she had to move to her nans at times.
He was boozing again
and she knew what that ment,
the next day she had a bruise on her leg.
Her friends seen her at school with a limp;
it's exactly the loop that she's in
that made her who that she is.
Now, she ain't doing to well,
she's not that beautiful girl
when she looks at herself
she thinks 'who in the hell wants me.
Her self esteem is in a very low condition,
she's never known love, only ever wished it,
filled with discust from all the men she's been with.
She hits up the street with a short skirt, top showing cleavage.
This is not what beauty looks like,
to them she's nothing but a good time.
Still stuck in the loop,
a snowball effect from her father's abuse.
Now it's lead her into this mess; it's harder to move.

That's somthing that cant admit,
How'd it ever come to this?
She just needs the money, dont care who she does it with.
She just had a baby boy, don't know who the father is,
and having him was the only thing that made her smile,
but she gave him up, she knows she couldn't raise a child,
the mother in her wasn't there.
She was not prepared
for what was happening next;
one night on her corner someone strangled her neck,
stole her cash and then split,
the next day, noone practically cared.
Knowing the full story, they had better things they had to do.
Another dead hooker, didn't even make the news,
that was hers though.
That was her story.

Here's a story of another boy, he wasn't the best type.
A product of the bullshit that's happend in his life.
Living in a group home, getting in fist fights.
Forget about a sugar coat, he's never had a sweet life,
he's never had a sleep night,
waking up a midnight,
sorting out the thoughts surrouding his mind.
He's had noone there to set him straight,
show him the ropes and educate,
he's bearly had any mates.
He was at the point where he thought things could never change,
'till the day the perfect couple took him in,
he was all alone and they loved the look of him.
So he started out fresh, but he had them fooled n shit,
he was the same old shark in a different school of fish,
kicked out of his last one, different school again,
always into trouble, foster parents had no pull with him.
He used to skip class, talk back and just bully peers,
especially this one lad, sick the way he bullied him,
coz he was overweight a bit,
picked on him so much to the point man one day he split.

A few years later he was hanging with the wrong kids,
they were shooting up, in between taking bong hits,
it seemed to fill the void, every time he'd take a hit,
coz life wasn't great and it took away the pain in his,
for months now, it just become a daily thing;
parents seen a change in him,
short temper, lost alot of weight and shit.
He'd be up late n shit
trying to get on a deal,
he hates this reality, he wants it not as real,
he finally gets on with a call to his bros,
buys more than he normally does.
He's feeling abit different, he wants more of a buzz.
He was thinking about the orphanage, how he had to wait on families, and his real folks, they had left him strayed and damaged,
so he took the needle, aimed it at him
and thought of all that made him angry.
He over dosed in a matter of seconds,
the next day noone practically cared,
knowing the full story, they had better things they had to do,
another dead addict, didn't even make the news.
That was his though.
That was his story.

Here's a story of another lad,
he was in a struggle with himself and he felt like he was on the edge, he bearly couldnt understand,
he never had the upperhand,
folks didn't know what was really going on with him.
See they were well off financially,
mum and dad could see
their son following the family dream,
they never thought to ask, they knew that's what he planned to be.
He felt trapped and weak.
He bearly shows emotion
to his parents so they don't know why or how he feels about it,
the music in his room; the sounds he drowns them out with,
he just wants to play guitar, sit around and loungin'
he doesn't want that legacy.
Know he's second guessing on who the hell hes ment to be,
it's crazy and hes just a teen,
it makes him want to dissapear.
The stress at home, let alone at school to,
he eats alone coz that's what he was used to,
picked on by some, they would call him buddha,
and that hit him hard he knew he could stand to lose some.

Awake in his room again, he cant do sleep,
at peace with himself he aint one who is.
Pulls a razor out to touch his wrist,
there is pain every day this is just relief.
With the blade he was going to town,
he lay motionless now.
The next day, folks were shocked, found a note on the ground
it read 'I never had control of this,
who I am I don't accept,
my choices, they don't exist,
at peace now I know I am.
So don't feel sorry this is how it's supposed to end'

3 Lives


released October 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Arcz QLD, Australia

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